Data visualisation training from introductory to specialist

Adam Frost and Tobias Sturt of Add Two offer bespoke data visualisation training to suit all needs. Our core offer, based on our long-running Guardian Masterclass, provides a general introduction to all aspects of modern information design. 

Moving through the four key components of good data viz practice (Data, Story, Chart, Design), we suggest best practice examples and share tried-and-tested advice on how to make your data stories meaningful and engaging. We cover both static graphics and interactive dashboards. Each course includes two hands-on workshop sessions, based on client data wherever possible.

We also provide a range of other courses - including Data Visualisation in Powerpoint and Interactive Storytelling. Alternatively, we can create entirely bespoke courses, based on specific client challenges, or offer quick hour-long introductions to data visualisation as a design practice. 

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A really good mix of information and hands-on, thought provoking exercises. Highly recommended.
The workshop was enjoyable and inspiring. It was clear that Adam and Tobias were very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject
— KIRSTEEN RODGER, Digital Content Manager, Nestlé
The course was enlightening and it gave us many ideas for the future. All our colleagues were very impressed.
— GIULIO ZUCCHINI, European Parliament


Based on our popular Guardian masterclass, this one-day course covers:

  • Finding a story in your data
  • Structuring your story for specific audiences
  • Finding the right chart for your audience
  • How to use design principles to create a more engaging story
  • How to use interactive tools to tell more immersive stories
  • Interactive charting and interface design
  • Two practical workshop sessions
  • Recommended tools, software and resources

Other one-day courses:

  • Data visualisation in PowerPoint
  • Making interactive data visualisations
  • Data visualisation for researchers
  • Data visualisation for editors and journalists
  • Structuring a business intelligence dashboard

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We also offer bespoke consultancy for specific client products or reports.